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The challenge here was to focus the client's strategy and value proposition from over twenty application areas to a business that would be viable in the marketplace near-term:

"Our research group had forged ahead-of-the-pack technology across a sprawling range of media applications.  Melinda brought our team the insight, rigor, and analysis to shape its value for a concrete market opportunity, defining the commercial beachhead we needed to field our media revolution."

   -- Rob Myers, Senior Media Architect, e-Platform Technology Center

Fotiva already had a strong executive team in place.  My job was to provide the depth of research and market modeling necessary to validate their vision with credible industry analysis:

"Our business model and plan depended upon predicting how an industry would be redefined.  Melinda provided the rigor and analysis to help us make these projections believable." 

-- Bernard L. Peuto, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Board Member, Connected Photo Software Startup

An exciting alternative model to technology startups, Interval Research incubatees moved from deep research to commercially viable business models.  My role was to bring a business perspective to the development process:

"Melinda's analysis and business development directly impacted all aspects of our business: product invention, partnering, funding and marketing.  With the business plan she wrote and partnerships she developed, we were able to raise seed funding and move toward our startup goals.  Her contributions were critical to our success."

    -- Laurie Vertelney, Co-Founder, Photo Stories Appliance and Software Startup

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