DSC calls upon experience achieving results for numerous clients in each case we take on.  The two examples described below highlight the value our company brings to companies and technology teams:

SONY Electronics Inc.
Interactive media research project targeted for commercialization                                                         

Results:   Identified long-term viability of this differentiated technology within several markets, securing $2M in new funding from Sony COO & President to commercialize technology within company's product lines.

Client Goal: 
Research Business Incubation Center (RBIC) is the first U.S. member of Sony's venture capital and incubation group.  RBIC's mission is to incubate technologies for spin-out, transfer to external venture capital incubators, or license/sell to prospective partners.  DSC Guided a collaborative team of five - the project lead, technology team, and corporate resources  -  in evaluating their research lab technology for commercialization. 

DSC Services:

  • Guided business analysis and strategic framing process with five person team, evaluating next-generation $6M rich-media and interactive TV presentation engine.
  • Evaluated and refined external venture capital group's preliminary business case financials.
  • Identified and prioritized top application spaces for technology.
  • Created business cases for and evaluated technology/product value, market viability, competition, strategic positioning, and market entry for technology applications.
  • Identified and conducted concept validation interviews with industry executives and potential customers to test feasibility of business concepts.
  • Brought in licensing expert to identify pre-product commercialization opportunities, economics, and target licensees.

Interval Research Corporation
Tangible user interface and storytelling research and technology to be brought to product with a business plan for spin-out

Results:   Fundable business plan attracting $3M in seed funding with potential 2nd stage funding of up to $10M.  Key implementation and marketing partnerships.  Injection of strategy business tools in research lab's commercialization process.

Client Goal: 

Interval Research was founded in 1992 by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft Corp., and David Liddle, a computer industry veteran with deep roots in research (currently a partner at U.S. Venture Partners).  Bringing together interdisciplinary teams of film-makers, designers, musicians, cognitive psychologists, artists, computer scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, the company's mission was to change the way people feel about technology.  Interval founded companies such as Purple Moon providing adventure games to girls, e-Planet providing interactive toys, and Avio Digital's MediaWire™  home networking technology.  DSC guided and supported a Reminiscence research team of 5, growing to a startup team of 15, in directing their technology and consumer knowledge towards a fundable product and business plan. 

DSC Services:

  • Defined reminiscence market space for research team, which informed new product invention, development, and prototyping for a photo sharing Internet appliance.
  • Identified market entry options and recommended dual path processor channel partnership and Web site affiliations.
  • Developed partnering strategy, pitched to target partners, and negotiated Letter of Intent with critical implementation and marketing partners, one of which agreed to implement line changes supporting solution implementation.
  • Interfaced with partners and product team to determine key features, functionality, and product co-marketing arrangements.
  • Wrote business plan used to attract $3M in funding with potential 2nd stage funding of up to $10M based on implementation milestones.
  • Presented incubation/development approaches company-wide.