Our mission is to help our clients create fundable business ventures that are grounded in analytical rigor, industry-tested credibility and differentiated, implementable strategy.

We bring:
· DSC's vision for achieving effective client relationships and dedication to achieving results
· Access to commonly relied upon expertise in these areas:  user interface, licensing, funding, patents
· DSC's approach to achieving results - building on a competitive and market focus, effective analysis, industry concept testing, and our process for collaboration with the client


Douglass Strategic Consulting (DSC) was formed in 1997 to support the increasing entrepreneurial efforts of large companies with spin-out and business unit potential and startups in the technology space.  DSC's services are provided by its Principal, Melinda Douglass, with specialty experts and affiliates brought in as appropriate.  The company provides new business development and planning services that range from quick market modeling to technology and product definition with an eye towards fundable business ventures.  Our goal is to provide a customized set of management and strategy consulting services that will achieve our client's next stage of growth.

Melinda Douglass first entered the strategic consulting arena in 1994 as a consultant for Bain & Company, Inc., one of the top management consulting firms worldwide.  She founded her independent practice after three years gaining skills in mergers and acquisitions, profitability improvement, operations, and new business development.

Over the past three and a half years, she has worked with clients in a broad range of industries:  publishing, digital imaging, display technologies, personal Web technologies, and interactive TV/ multimedia.  Her efforts have focused on profitability improvement, technology research commercialization, and business planning and development.

The companies she has been privileged to work with include such industry names as Stanford University, SONY Electronics, Interval Research (Paul Allen's technology research arm), Fotiva, Inc., and other enterprising clients.

Contact Melinda Douglass at md@dsc-consulting.com.