Delle Rae maxwell

Highlights from some projects in which I have contributed to the graphic design are presented here.

reference configuration image


Provide technical illustrations and presentations for technical marketing communications for various clients.

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Pathscale Performance Analsyis Tools 2004-2005

Prototype UI design for performance analysis tools for MPI programming over PathScale Host Channel Adapter (HCA) interconnect.

Project was not released; design remains proprietary. (Image does not link to another page.)

GG Hotel

Golden Gate Hotel Web Site 2004

The Golden Gate Hotel is a small boutique hotel in San Francisco.

NOTE: The hotel web site has since been redsigned. This link takes you to the design I did, not the current Golden Gate Hotel web site.

tableau software designs

Tableau Software 2004

Logo, icon, and UI graphics for Tableau Software. This interactive application sends queries to databases and returns visualizations of the data.

NOTE: The web site has since been redsigned. This link takes you to the design I did, not the current Tableau web site.

gamble garden image

Gamble Garden Web Site 2002

I redesigned the website for the Gamble Garden in Palo Alto, CA during 2002. This is a non-profit horticultural center. I was also webmistress for the site until 2007, adding new pictures and information on a regular basis. The web design is still in use.

SGI system management tools

Silicon Graphics 2002-2003

I worked on icons, splash screens, and layout designs for system management and other tools at Silicon Graphics in 2002-2003.

blendo web image

Sony Blendo Demos 2000-2001

I worked on creating demos for Blendo, an embedded systems platform for the production, delivery, and presentation of interactive rich media applications. Work done in 2000-2001 at Sony Research Lab. This page shows the web site, icons, and images of some of the demos. This is also linked from my 3D page.

NOTE: The plugin for these demos no longer exists; clicking on the image will bring up a page describing the demos.

vmware icons image

VMware Icons 1999-2000

I worked on UI elements for VMware. Here is a sampling of some of the icons that were used in the Beta release.

splash screen image

Silicon graphics 1999

Graphic Design for the SGI Support tools.

mine set image

Silicon graphics 1999

Icon Design for the SGI MineSet data visualization tools.

sgi icons image

Silicon graphics 1998-1999

I did some of the icon design for parts of the Silicon Graphics NT-based machine. The rendering of the icons had to be more in keeping with the style of those on NT/Windows systems, but still retain some of the SGI style.

pictra album image

Pictra 1996-1998

Pictra, Inc. was a startup that had a product for creating digital photo albums to be viewed online. I helped with the layout of the UI, created the icons and the color look, created the page templates and styles, and various artwork that was seen in the application.

pictra splash image

Pictra 1996-1998

This is one of the product's splash screens. The original artwork for the album and monitor was supplied by Pantheon Interactive. I did the layout, color changes, and other modifications.

pictra paper image

Pictra 1996-1998

This shows a set of "paper" backgrounds done for the Pictra online albums.

annotator image

Silicon Graphics 1994-1995

The Annotator tool allowed people working with 3D models to add sounds, video, notes, and to create simple camera moves. This Silicon Graphics project was one of the precursors to the VRML work that was done at Cosmo Software. I designed icons and cursors, and helped with the layout.

indigo magic image

Silicon Graphics 1989-1995

I began my association with Silicon Graphics in 1989, when I built the original set of icons for the Indigo Magic Desktop Environment. I worked on almost all aspects of the visual design of the Desktop, from the overall look and feel definition to color schemes, icons, layout of applications, and style guide definitions. This work was done in close coordination with the engineers on the team.

laws of th egame image

Book Cover for the Princeton University Press 1993

I did a number of book cover designs for the Princeton University Press, for their paperback Science and Technology section. All were created using computer graphics. This book cover was done for a book called Laws of the Game. How the Principle of Nature Govern Chance, by Manfred Eigen and Ruthild Winkler. Published by the Princeton Science Library in 1993. I made the image by using the SGI Inventor toolkit. It represents a game called the "RNA game", which was described in the book.

chance and chaos image

Book Cover for the Princeton University Press 1991

This one was created for Chance and Chaos by David Ruelle. Published Princeton Scince Library in 1991. Thanks to Pat Hanrahan for writing the genetic algorithm in C based on Karl Sims' work.