Sarah Broadwell

Welcome to my Home Page. This page serves as a place to highlight all the good things in my life, and they are many!

Who am I? I was born in San Jose, CA. My family left this area when my twin brother and I were 2, and I returned when I was 14 ('79). In between I lived in Hawaii (the big island), Trinidad (West Indies), Colorado, and Virginia. When I was 21, I went on the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament (GPMfGND, Inc.) which was an incredible life changing experience for me. When I was 28, I started the finale of my undergraduate education at Mills College in Oakland CA. Now I'm a software engineer in the Silicon Valley. I live in a fabulous Victorian in San Jose with my beasts (2 dogs, 2 cats.) Also, check out the cool, classic Citroen 2CV I bought in the spring of 2000 on eBay! And the beautiful custom 2CV truck that I bought at the end of 2002 (Also on eBay!)

We all have our favorite links to pages on the web.
These are some of the ones that I frequent:

Whoosh: The International Association of Xena Studies

Marshmallow peeps in extreme circumstances: This satisfies some bizzare need

Peep Sushi : Any time you can get your hands on some peeps!

QRD: Queer Resources Directory

Silly Putty University This is some amazing stuff... hours of entertainment, especially if you buy the 5 pound blob!

Sappho: The home page for the sappho mailing list

SFMOMA: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

National Park Service: All the information you need on the US National Park System

Car Talk: Click and Clack's home page

Dead People Server

The Dead People Server: One of the better pages on the web
 Netscape's free source project. This is good stuff.

eBay, Inc.: I love this site, and it's not just 'cuz I used to work there.

Miriam Webster Online: Dictionary, thesaurus, word games, all wonderful resources

My Jokes pageThe funny things I've seen float over the web over the years.

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