Plasm: In the Breeze

This page describes the progression of an installation art piece proposed by a few folks in Silicon Valley. The work is part of a series we have done over the last 15 years - all the pieces try and relate aesthetics, math and high tech computing into something that will be of interest.

From the SIGGRAPH 2000 submission form:

Remember that old tire swing from your youth? "Plasm: In the Breeze" captures the full body engagment of a swing with the enhancement of swinging over a synthesized "creek". Of course being synthetic means the creek has a life of it's own...

Tangible bit #1... 2000-03-18

Peter picked up some 1.5" manila rope to make the swings out of. Fun to work with such large rope - has a gentle desire to twist, but doens't seem inclined to kink much. Coiled rope on the floor

Acceptance... 2000-03-12

We got a letter from the Emerging Technologies folks saying they would like to show our piece!

Two milestones... 2000-02-03

The Point of Departure files were submitted electronicaly. (We appreciated the extra time electronic submission allowed - no Fed-Ex delays ;-)
The two ART Gallery files were submitted to SIGGRAPH via Fed-Ex on February 1st, 2000.
Should make the 5pm, February 2nd, 2000 deadline no problem.

Pics from SIGGRAPH 2000:

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