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You can usually get back to this page by clicking on the various pictures of my "Homes" in the lower right corners of each page. They are all houses I have lived in in lots of places in the world. For larger views of them, you can find a page of homes under "Family and Pets."

Note: (There will be only one way back from the ceramics section, however. After you go to my ceramics page (above), where you can click on the NVC page (lots of stuff there), you'll have to use your browser return to get from the NVC page back to my ceramics page.)

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(Who has mostly done this by herself, but still calls daughter Sarah or son Peter for help from time to time.)

Last updated: Sunday, April 7, 2002 at 6:13 PM

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I finally found a fairly suitable sign, and I've put it here to show that this site is, and will be, continually "under construction." I had a road sign here - I love road signs - but this sign seemed more appropriate. I found it on the web; to see a few of the others I found, click on the image. (For lots of road signs, though - see "Miscellaneous," or "Travel.") My intent is to keep working on pages for my obsessions, which are travel (anywhere and everywhere) and ceramics (all aspects, from anything made of clay and the makers of such, to history, technical links, a bit of geography, teaching philosophy, the ceramics site for Napa Valley College, from which I've just retired, and anything else), and also a page sort of like a not-too-personal diary, including my family and pets, and then a miscellaneous section with all the other stuff I want to put in or link to. . . .So, if any of this interests you, check back from time to time.